Hacienda Classical - The Big Feastival - 25th - 27th August 2017

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Hacienda Classical

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Main Stage

Plus special guests Graeme Park, Mike Pickering, Peter Hook, Rowetta, MC Tunes, RAE and Bez.

The DJ's who shaped The Haçienda's sound – Mike Pickering and Graeme Park - collaborate with the Camerata for a night of classic dance music, innovatively adapted and arranged especially for The Big Feastival. 

This unique musical experience will recreate the seminal tracks that defined a generation at the original club, renewed afresh and rearranged for a classical orchestra. 

"I think we've got the perfect match of big tunes with great vocals and more deeper early Chicago and Detroit tunes that all work together with many peaks and troughs throughout the set. I'm fully expecting the audiences to be singing along, cheering, dancing, clapping and smiling throughout." 
Graeme Park