Embrace - The Big Feastival - 25th - 27th August 2017

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Main Stage

Following in the footsteps of Oasis and the Verve, Embrace became a pop sensation in post-Brit-pop Britain in the late '90s. All natives of Huddersfield, Danny and Richard McNamara, Mike Heaton, and Steven Firth together cultivated a strong fan base in England with their first singles in 1997, and their 1998 debut album, The Good Will Out. This album went on to be one of the fastest-selling British albums ever. With a string of hits all breaking into the top 10 in the charts and a Brit Award nomination, Embrace continued to woo U.K. fans into the new millennium. 

Soon, the four-piece became five with the addition of Mickey Dale and, after a stint of writing, Embrace released the long-awaited Out of Nothing in 2004 which shot to number one in its first week out. 

After a few years of quiet, the band came storming back on to the scene in 2014 with the eponymously titled album Embrace, showcasing their experience in the industry. With subtle electronic elements, Embrace clocked in at number five in the charts, conveying a rawer, darker sound whilst still keeping their signature anthems and huge choruses. Embrace have come back, but what they know now means more than ever before – that being alive is one thing; living it is everything. Embrace it, always.