Tom and Henry Herbert - The Big Feastival - 24th - 26th August 2018

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Tom and Henry Herbert

Tom and Henry Herbert are fifth generation bakers with hot bread in their genes and a proven ability to share the good bread message. When Tom and Henry aren’t at the frontline of the Hobbs House Bakery you may see them on the television or at events performing as their double act The Fabulous Baker Brothers.

These brothers have been bringing the ultimate bread and meat combinations to you since 2012, with a series on Channel 4 and More4. When they were growing up Henry decided that Tom had the bread thing covered and that he wouldn’t follow his path but would become a chef, graduating from Westminster Catering College.

Little did he know that, after a few successful years in London, the two brothers would end up working next door to each other, Henry as the Butcher and Tom as the Baker. Now both teaching classes as part of the Hobbs House Cookery School, you too can learn their baking tips and butchering expertise, leaving enthused for a new culinary adventure!