Tree Climbing - The Big Feastival - 24th - 26th August 2018

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Tree Climbing

Go wild and fly high! Our little tree climbers will have the best view in the house as they get to grips with the flora and fauna of the farm.

Returning for 2018, we will be offering the opportunity to get an alternative perspective on this year’s Big Feastival – from the top of an oak tree right in the middle of the festivities. 

Recreational tree climbing involves climbing into the canopy of big trees using rope and harness. Everyone wears a helmet and safety, and everyone learns the ropes down low before beginning their ascent to the tree top. 

It’s a totally different world in the canopy and it’s brilliant for festivals, giving climbers an amazing view of everything going on around the festival site. Tree climbing is great for ages eight and over including Mums and Dads and it’s a fabulous thing to do as a family.