Village Green - The Big Feastival - 25th - 27th August 2017

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Village Green

Family Sports Day
For budding little athletes, along with mums and dads who want to relive their school sport’s days of yesteryear, there will be plenty of fun and games to get involved in at our inaugural family sports day. Between the classic egg and spoon and ever-comical 3 legged races, there will be something for everyone. We can’t promise our competitive sides won’t come out…see you on the finish line!!
The Big Feastival Sports Day programme:     
Big Feet 
Sack Race
Tug of War
Water Bucket
3 Legged Race
Egg & Spoon 
Skipping Race

Village Hall 

Red, white and blue, the Village Hall is something new! Think morris dancers, ceilidh, maypole, scrabble boards and a Sunday morning newspaper club. Come and test your knowledge of the most weird and wonderfully British words in Dictionary Corner, and wash it all down with tea, cake, jam and scones. We will be finishing each day with a perfectly fitting cockney piano singalong!